Silicon nitride

In our offer you can find silicon nitride, which is characterized by very high resistance to thermal shock, good abrasion and fracture toughness as well as high mechanical strength and impact resistance. Silicon nitride enables high products operating temperature reaching 1100oC.

Due to its properties, this material can be used on machines and devices parts subject to mechanical and thermal stress, in particular sliding elements such as rollers, bearings, as well as cutting tools, sleeves, guides, pipes for the steel industry and aluminium foundries, and other elements.


Properties of silicon nitride

Properties/MaterialSilicon nitride
Apparent density, g/cm3

Bending strength, MPa600
Fracture toughness KIC, MPa.m1/26
Vickers hardness HV, GPa13
Young’s modulus, GPa310
Resistance, Ω.m >1011
Heat conductivity, W/m.K29
Coefficient of thermal expansion, x10-6, 1/K3,3
Heat shock resistance, K600
Maximal operating temperature, oC1100