Technical porcelain

In our offer you can find products made of technical porcelain, which are excellent insulators for high and low voltage electrical engineering and are resistant to creep and breakdown currents, as well as have chemical resistance. Porcelain products can work up to 1000°C.

Depending on the type of porcelain, insulators or insulating elements can work as low or high voltage, which can additionally be covered with white or brown glaze. In addition, porcelain materials are used to make pipes, covers, multi-hole rods, beads, terminal blocks, culverts and special fittings.

Properties of technical porcelain type C110 and C130

Apparent density, g/cm3

Bending strength, MPa110160
Electric strength, kV/mm 2020
Resistance Ω.m
at 20oC
at 200oC
at 600oC


Coefficient of thermal expansion, x10-6, 1/K4-75-8