Zirconia based composite

We offer our clients a composite material based on zirconia called BlueCer, which has an extremely high fracture toughness of 12 MPa.m0.5, high flexural strength above 1 GPa, very high abrasion resistance and increased corrosion resistance in hydrothermal conditions.

Due to its properties, this material is used on machines and devices parts subject to fast wear and high mechanical loads, i.e. positioning pins in welding processes in the automotive industry, lining of pipelines for cement production, lining pipes and elbows and many others.


Properties of zirconia based composite - BlueCer

Apparent density, g/cm3

Bending strength, MPa 1100
Fracture toughness KIC, MPa.m1/212
Vickers hardness HV, GPa11
Young’s modulus, GPa200
Resistance, Ω.m 109
Heat conductivity, W/m.K2
Coefficient of thermal expansion, x10-6, 1/K10
Heat shock resistance, K280
Maximal operating temperature, oC800